Works suspended for a long time in Kazakhstan because of labor disputes in three oil companies

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neft_pulThe labor disputes continue at the oil and gas industry’s plants, it has been mentioned at another session of the tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of labor and social relationships, reported the Aktyubinsk Herald newspaper.

The heads and chairmen of the trade union committees of Batys-Munai, Vostokneft and Service, Great Wall and CNPC-ATK companies have been invited to the session.

The drilling works in these companies have been suspended for a long time through the fault of their administration and hundreds of people have been forced to go on leave.

Number of permanent employees goes down at CNPC-ATK and number of temporary ones increases. The ways to solve the labor disputes and fulfillment of conditions of the collective agreements and decisions of the tripartite commission have been discussed at the session.

The analysis of the activities of the enterprises showed that not everything is quite right in these companies. The commission has commended to the company administrations to improve the labor payment system and to create conditions corresponding to the labor legislation.

The commission has also amended the agreement between the district authorities, the Council of Professional Councils and Unions of Employers to ensure employment and opening of jobs for people older than 50 years of age and working out the program to improve their skills. The company administrations have been recommended to revise their employees’ salaries, because the national currency rate has been corrected.

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