New oil and gas field discovered on southwest of Turkmenistan

sehra-neftSeveral big fields, including Akpatlavuk and Keimir, are being developed on the southwest of Turkmenistan. To the east of the fields the state-run Turkmenneft concern carried out drilling works, which ended in discovery of a new oil and gas field Kemer, reported TurkmenBusiness.

The well No 7 drilled on the new field Kemer has confirmed the geologists’ forecasts about hydrocarbon resources on the depth 3402-3407 and 3490-3492 meters. The exploration drilling well No 1 has earlier proved availability of natural gas and gas condensate deposits on the new field.

Drilling of the exploration well No 2 has been accelerated and new equipment is being assembled on the well No 4, which will be put into operation soon. The equipment will be used to drill and develop minerals on the depth up to 7000 meters, where the most productive beds of oil and gas are laying.

In the future Kemer field will become another reliable source of gas for the international gas pipeline Korpeje-Kurtkui.