Gasprom: Ukraine could lose gas discount because of debt

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ukr-rus2Ukraine’s overdue debt for Russian gas deliveries total $1,549,000 and with such a debt and payments the country will be unable to keep the effective gas discount, Gasprom’s official representative Sergei Kupriyanov told RIA Novosti.

“We have good relationships with Ukraine, but one should pay for gas. At present overdue debt totals $1,549,000. There is a huge debt not only for the last year, there is also debt for the current deliveries,” he said and added that Russia allotted Ukraine credit worth $3 billion to repay the gas debts.

“With such a gas payment and failure to honor its commitments, Ukraine will be unable to keep the effective gas discount. The agreement on the discount envisaged full and timely payment for the deliveries,” Kupriyanov added.

By February 14, 2014 Naftogas Ukraine paid to Russian Gasprom the debt worth $1.28 billion for gas delivered last year and asked for an extension to repay the remaining debt till April 15, 2014. Russian holding reported on February 3, 2014, Ukraine’s debt to Gasprom for the gas delivered in 2013 totaled $2,634,000,000. Therefore, till February 15, 2014 Naftogas had to repay the debt of approximately $1.35 billion.

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