Installation assembled at Seidi oil refinery

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seidThe US Westport Trading Europe Limited Corporation has been assembling the installation for manufacture of high-quality bitumen – one of the main material for construction of highways – at the Seidi oil refinery, reported Turkmenistan.gov.tm.

From 2001 to 2004 specialists of Trading Europe Limited Corporation, the oil refinery and Ufimsk State Oil and Gas University have worked out the technology, which allows producing the road bitumen with the quality equal to Iranian one up to the international standards.

As a result of thermal decomposition of high-molecular paraffin the bitumen’s properties improve significantly and bitumen’s resistance to aging remains very high, because unsaturated hydrocarbons are removed from the bitumen as a result of the vacuum distillation.

The method and scheme of its application to Turkmen oil has been worked out during the scientific studies. The proposals are based on the results of detailed experiments on the pilot installation with the samples of oil products produced at the Turkmen oil refinery.

Construction of the adapted installation for road bitumen production is in progress since summer 2012 on 9 hectares of the Seidi oil refinery. According to the terms of the contract, the road bitumen production installation with the capacity of 37,200 tons a year must be ready to operation by summer 2014.

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