What will oil products export ban lead to?

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sual The ban on oil products export introduced by the Kazakhstan government aggravates situation for local oil refineries, because their oil bases are stocked with products, Kazakhstan’s oil refineries told kazenergy.com.
“The ban is an unprofessional decision, which has no logic and is aimed against the country’s interests,” said representatives of Kazakhstan’s oil refineries on condition of anonymity.
“The officials do not track the situation in their offices how much fuel and lubricants are consumed inside the country, how much is imported and exported and this is why the market is regulated improperly,” the oil refineries say.
“The local oil bases are stocked, other oil bases are sealed, the administration of the oil bases charges us per day fee for storage of oil products on the oil bases. The ban must be lifted and then excess of local oil products could be exported and then the budget can receive profit and taxes,” the same source said.
He said that it is the best moment to lift the ban on export of Kazakhstan oil products, because in the neighboring Russia prices for fuel significantly increased.
“One should take into account that our republic must pay with oil to the Russian budget per each ton of imported gasoline, for instance Russian, which is imported to Kazakhstan. Therefore, the imposed ban on export of Kazakhstan oil products is aimed against local oil refineries and interests of the country,” the specialists said.
It has been earlier reported that the Kazakhstan government has imposed ban on oil products export from July 1, 2013.
In order not to stop production and not to reduce the volume of refining, three Kazakhstan’s oil refineries send their products to the oil storages throughout Kazakhstan, because their own oil bases are stocked. The rent of other oil storages is paid by the oil refineries.

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