Growth of diesel fuel consumption started at local market in Azerbaijan

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benzinIn 2013 Azerbaijan produced 2,495,000 tons of diesel fuel, up 5.3% against 2012.

According to the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee, in January 2013 240,700 tons was produced, 201,800 tons in February, 205,300 tons in March, 194,500 tons in April, 208,700 tons in May, 214,000 tons in June, 212,000 tons in July, 208,000 tons in August, 187,000 tons in September, 202,000 tons in October, 203,000 tons in November and 218,000 tons in December.

In 2013 Azerbaijan exported only 899,000 tons of diesel fuel.

All products were manufactured at SOCAR’s oil refinery named after Heydar Aliyev.

According to the energy balance of the country, during 2012 Azerbaijan manufactured 2,368,000 tons of diesel fuel, of which 1,139,000 tons was exported and 1,229,000 tons was delivered to the local market. Only 710,100 tons of diesel fuel was used at the local transportation market, of which 671,300 tons fell to the auto transportation, 2,100 tons to the railway transport and 36,700 tons to the water transport. In 2012 50,800 tons of diesel fuel was used in industry and construction sectors. Agriculture consumed 322,000 tons of diesel fuel, 12,800 tons was consumed by housekeepers, 4,000 tons by the commercial enterprises and other sectors consumed 600,000 tons. About 100,000 tons was stored in the reservoirs.

Last year Azerbaijan delivered about 1.4 million tons of petrol to the local market against 1.26 million tons in 2012 (of which 1.23 million tons in the automobile transport).

Diesel fuel costs 15% less than the cheapest gasoline at the local market.

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