Azerbaijani officials about obstacles put by other gas extracting countries to Shah-Deniz-2 project

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aliev-2Last week at the award ceremony “Person of Year 2013” hosted by a group of ANS companies Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev spoke about attempts of some countries to frustrate signing of one of the most important gas agreements Shah-Deniz 2, reported AzerTaj.
Ilham Aliyev compared the Shah-Deniz-2 to Asan Hidmet service and said this project is of an exceptional importance for the future development of the country.
“It will ensure political and economic interests of our countries for the decades to come. After many years and long-term discussions the Southern Gas Corridor project has been standing idle and Azerbaijan has taken upon itself a political and economic responsibility. The Shah-Deniz-2 was signed in very tense conditions,” said Ilham Aliyev.
President said that till the last moment it was not exactly clear if the agreement on the project will be signed.
“Of course, the publicity has not been informed about many issues. You know, the issue has been solved behind closed doors. But I can say only one thing: up to the last week signing of the Shah-Deniz-2 project agreement was still under question. Although the date December 17, 2014 was scheduled several months before that and all the evens were prepared, because of some interventions it was not clear up to the last second if the agreement on the project would be signed. I would like to notice that having consolidated their efforts Azerbaijan and its partners have achieved signing of this historical project,” said Ilham Aliyev.
Rovnag Abdulayev, President of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), said in his interview to ANS TV channel said that “the countries that extract more gas than Azerbaijan would like to put obstacles to our gas at the European markets.” Abdullayev did not mention these countries.
On the eve of signing of the Shah-Deniz-2 project Azerbaijan had tense political and economic relationships with only two gas making countries – with Iran and Russia. During 2013 Azerbaijan had “neutral” relationships with the third gas country Turkmenistan and since early this year the Azerbaijani officials have made an attempt to improve relationships with this country.

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