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China to be ahead of US in oil import by 2017

china According to the estimates of Wood Mackenzie consulting company, by 2017 China will be ahead of US in oil import.
The analysts believe that China will be ahead of US in oil import after 2015. Year of 2017 must become a “turning point in difference of tendencies in oil import between China and US.”
According to the US Energy Information Agency, in 2012 US imported about 8.5 million barrels a day.
In 2012 China imported 5.4 million barrels of oil.
According to Wood Mackenzie’s forecasts, by 2020 US oil import will drop to 6.8 million barrels a day. By that time cost of oil import for the US will total about $160 billion.
According to the experts, by 2020 China will import 9.2 million barrels a day. China’s costs for oil import will total $500 billion, reported