BP explained reduction of evaluation of gas resources in Russia

6Gas BP company explained why evaluation of proved natural gas resources has been revised in the former USSR republics in its recently released annual Statistical Review of World Energy, reported The Wall Street Journal.
BP senior economist Christoff Roul said that the company has brought its evaluation in correspondence with the western standards. As a result of that the Russian gas resources were reduced to 32.9 trillion cub.m. by the end of 2012 against 44.9 trillion cub.m. at the end of 2011. Turkmenistan’s gas resources reduced to 17.5 trillion cub.m. from 25.4 trillion cub.m., while Kazakhstan’s – to 1.3 trillion cub.m. from 1.9 trillion cub.m.
“The former Soviet republics had a different system of evaluation of proved resources, we converted all figures into the western system,” Christoff Roul explained.
For the first time in many years the world proved gas resources significantly decreased from 208.4 trillion cub.m. in 2011 to 187.3 trillion cub.m. by the end of 2012. The difference in 21.1 trillion cub.m. corresponds to reduction of gas resources of three post-Soviet republics as a result of the latest BP revision,